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Colling B. (Senior Software Engineer)

With over 8 years of cooperative and independent development experience, I developed many complex games, many kinds of apps, web platforms, and other software in a wide variety of types and technologies.

8 Years
7 Years
2 Years

Senior game developer

Constructed network system by node and photon server.

Developed and coded controlling the third person character.

Implemented zombie AI system and built a horror environment.

Constructed game architecture.

Senior game developer

Was employed as a game developer and I developed NFT racing game.

Designed and  Implemented  3d  shader,  lightning model, and HDRP post-processing effect including bloom to emulate the human eye.

Solved problems with network traffic and optimization

Solved problems with the connection between Unity3d and Web3.

Game developer

Developed "Age of Kingdom" and lead it to success.

Developed APIs for communication between front and main server.

Built network system using WebSocket to communicate between frontend game servers.

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