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C.P. (Intermediate Software Engineer)

Bachelor of Science, from Wilmington University, in Computer Science, 2021, with 3.67GPA, interested in applying my knowledge in software applications, computer architecture, and programming/coding. Knowledge in computer applications and business environments, with a completed internship working for a non-profit organization. Bringing an understanding in math, programming logic, and cross-platform coding, seeking to leverage solid development skills with a focus on tram collaboration, and creativity as an entry-level programmer.

Back End Developer(C# / .NET / C++)

  • Worked as part of a team of 6 developers. On mostly new back end projects, adding features for our iOS, Android, and web clients to use. 

  • Also wrote unit tests to perform automated testing.

  • Created a gateway to receive telematics data (GPS, OBD2, dashcam, accelerometer) over UDP from our ATrack devices. 

  • And a websocket server to communicate with their dashcam devicesusing JSON messages.

  • Created a gateway for SmartWitness dashcam devices. Listening on HTTP then calling their web API to download images/videos belonging to an event.

  • Made a web based microservicefor receivingdashcam video uploads(which are alsoresumable).

  • Created afilehosting web API for uploadingand downloading hosted files. Such as driver signatures, vehicle report scans, package delivery pictures.

Founder, C# Unity Developer

  • Created video games for Android, web, iOS, Xbox 360, PC / Steam, PS Vita, Google Daydream, OUYA, Kindle, and Windows Phone. Plus occasional contract work for YLC Processing doing website and server maintenance.

  • Minotaur, a melee action Dark Souls type game on Steam. Includes online multiplayer, Steam achievements, and support for Xbox and Playstation controllers. Also developed a custom camera that’s third person, user controllable (with mouse or gamepad), and always follows the player. Adjusting itself to always stay in front of walls and the ground.  

  • POLARIS, a mobile VR space shooter where you shoot enemies in all directions using your head to look and the Daydream controller to aim and shoot. Also made a custom space radar showing enemy direction, distance, and altitude.Optimized to run on a phone at max frame rate for up to 5 hours.

Full Stack .NET Developer

  • Created a web crawler from scratch in C# using .NET 2.0, originally developed to ease the transformation of a static html only website to a more modern database driven site. Then updated the code to be re-used for crawling lists of relevant sites for a small search engine.

  • Wrote their back end payment system, which took customer credit card information and passed it to various payment processor’s SOAP Web API’s in XML. Then processed the response and saved to the database.

  • Made theirweb based mailing listsystem,in C# .NET and MS SQL Server. Ithad over 50,000 addresses, and spreadmailouts over a couple weeks to avoid getting blacklisted as a spammer. It was needed because their desktop mailing list software couldn't handle that many emails, it would crash after running for a few days.

  • Developed lots of minor projects. Like sales tools to follow up on incomplete sales, and track their status. Custom reports to identify sales trends, and help profile customers. And custom report generators to help our accountant with Revenue Canada.

  • Created a CAPTCHA to protect login areas from brute force hacking attempts. Users must now correctly enter a series of random letters with their username and password before being given a login session

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