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Rafael O. (Senior Software Engineer)

Tried and true engineer. Proven in C++, C#, and Unity having developed games from small indie games to multiple mega triple-A titles with over a decade in the industry. Can handle myself with just about any challenge thrown my way.

9 Years
7 Years
3 Years

Senior Software Engineer (3 years)

• Improving and evolving the client-side of the network engine used in Activion games.

• Writing fast and high-quality C++ code.

• Optimizing NAT traversal and probing.

• Console (PS family, Nintendo Switch, and XBOX family), PC, and mobile development.

• Developed a full metrics collector and reporter system. Also integrated it into the STUNServer.

• Fully refactored and improved the STUN Server.

Senior Software Engineer (2 years)

• Allocated at Clothing Tech LLC as Senior Unity Programmer

• Solved a build issue where the software was needing changes to build for differentplatforms. Changed build scripts and applied symbols to handle definitions for eachplatform.

• Implemented a full-duplex API to make an embedded Unity application to share messagesand exchange data with the base native application for both Android and iOS platforms.

• Evolved garment shader and adjusted the camera's post-processing effects to achieve amore realistic looking for mobile platforms.

• Solved a rendering issue on iOS where some triangles were not being rendered. TheShader needed to be remade and also needed to create a rendering pipeline to improveperformance.

• Configured and implemented all the UI for mobile apps developed (Android and iOS).

Senior Software Analyst (7 years)

• Allocated on XP Investimentos developing and giving maintenance to Systems focused Market Data feeding, budget generation, and monitoring.

• High-level C++, Python, and APAMA's EPL code implementations, debugging and bugfixing systems.

• Working with low latency real-time C++ applications, backtests studies, software prototyping, and environment setup.

• Executing DevOps activities maintaining existing systems with good health.

• Architecture plan, algorithm implementation, and maintenance of systems.

• Responsible for design and development of new features, programming C#, ASP.NET, andAPAMA's EPL code implementations, debugging and bug fixing systems.

• Developed reusable tools to streamline and facilitate the expansion of the products.

• Developed BackEnd features usign REST API, WCF Services and Service Fabric Systems from design to shipment

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