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Pier S. (Senior Software Engineer)

Pier is a strong talent, started in Flash in 2008, and has been doing Unity since v1.

A lot of custom engines work in C++. Strong sense of technical know-how. Not a person that loves to be placed in front of people, but a strong candidate for architecture/system design.

10 Years
7 Years
1 Year

Software Engineer (2 Years)

(iOS, Android)

• Worked on Poker live application for users to find stats on live porker games in casinos

• Unity/C#, Firebase API, JSON, SQLITE.IOS and Android

• Rest online data request, code optimization and memory, 2D UI graphics.

• Backend SQL Server and ASP.Net Core web Application for Admins

Software Engineer/Electronics (2 Years)

Worked on a desktop application in unity/C# and native plugins

• Made Apps on FitBit Apple Watch and Google WearOS

• Sensor development Electronic circuits for ECG GSR

• Eagle and AutoDesk Fusion 360 PCB design

• Utilized 8/16 bit Atmel and PIC micro-controllers

• Algorithms, programming C/C++

• Open CV plug-in for Unity for face detection

• NLP and ML Core text prepossessing

• Android SDK and NDK plugins for Unity

• Swift and Objective C for Apple watch and Unity plug-ins

Senior Software Engineer (3 Years)

(iOS, Android, Online)

• Worked on a massive multiplayer life sim game designed for young teens to have fun while learninglife skills & lessons

• Primary focus of development was with Unity/C#

• 3D UI objects 2D UI graphics

• Game framework design

• Game play code and mathematics

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