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Darius A. (Software Engineer)

Software engineer with over 6 years of experience developing apps using C#, Unity 3D. Currently, utilizing Azure cloud technologies to provide solutions that increase connectivity and engagement among online communities.

6 Years
2 Years

Software Engineer (2 Years)

• Improved stability of internal tools in order to decrease interference in testing and production 

• Updated Log4J version in key components to ensure adequate record-keeping and to assist in debugging

• Simplified signal search within Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) emulator allowing better tracking of enabled components

Unity 3D Developer (4 Years)

• Utilized object-oriented principles to redesign and update the UH72 Lakota helicopter emulator

• Managed team as scrum master on AH64 Apache helicopter mobile applications using Jira to organize tasks and Agile to determine workflow

• Manipulated XML to update AH64 Apache helicopter app made in Unity 3D

• Updated various helicopter training apps created in Unity 3D using C#

Mobile Game Developer (2 Years)

• Developed educational apps for Android and iOS using Unity 3D

• Produced highlighting feature that made the interface more accessible

• Integrated Zyrobotics' Bluetooth-based keyboard to work with mobile apps

• Collaborated using GitHub to balance programming with network production

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