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Our services

  • Custom/Backend

  • LiveOps

  • Augmentation

  • Porting

  • Co-development

Who are we?

Equinox is built by experienced people. Our mission is to offer the best resources from around the world and help its partners generate value.

We want to support you to build great games.

We're About

Remote first

Equinox is designed for remote talents. From all-inclusive benefits packages to flexible scheduling and optimized tools, we make it easy to focus on what matters most - productivity.


From encryption to biometrics, we utilize the most advanced tech. With our comprehensive approach to security, we make sure data is safe and sound no matter where it goes.

Company culture

Team energy is a big part of the final product quality. This is why we make sure to cultivate an environment where team members feel empowered and inspired. Because of this approach, not only are we able to produce more successful projects, but we also enjoy better company culture through improved team morale.

Meet the leaders

Digital Programmer

Our virtual offices

Our Studio is WORLDWIDE

Our people are divided into pods all around the world. This means access to a senior team is at your disposal no matter where you are in the world.

We’d Love to Work With You

We want people who are committed to their work but also want a fulfilling personal life. We offer flexible working schedules and generous benefits.

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